Tutorials on how to add characters to mugen

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Tutorials on how to add characters to mugen

Post by marc on Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:03 am

Say you want to add the character svcKen.

1. move the folder "svcKen" (Your character that you want to use) to the CHARS folder. The CHARS folder is located in your main MUGEN folder.

2. Make sure that Ken's character directory/folder name is "svcKen" and that its .def file is also the same as your directory's/folder's name. The .def file is a file that is an ID card of sorts. It tells MUGEN what that character or stage is. Every character and stage has one.

So in this example, your directory/folder's name would be "svcKen" and your .def file would also be "svcKen.def"

To summarize:

your folder/directory name = svcKen
your character's .def name = svcken.def

Make sure that that is the case before you move on.

3. Now, goto the DATA folder of your mugen.

4. Open up the "select.def" file.

5. Scroll down where you see [Characters]

6. Right BELOW "[Characters]" and the " ;Insert your characters below.," Put "svcken" (without the quotation marks)

7. It should look something like this:

... (Bunch of text that actually tells you how to add characters )
;Insert your characters below.
kfm (<=== this should already be there)
svcken (<===this is the character you want to add)

8. Close and Save your select.def

9. That's it.



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